Friday, March 30, 2007

Plan Developments and Equipment Acquiring

Some developments have come about recently. The newest is that I purchased my plane tickets. I will be arriving in Victoria, BC May 12th at noon. Exciting. I have yet to purchase return tickets and I devote the lack of eagerness to do so to my lack of confidence that I'll actually make it to my destination alive, or at least in a timely manner.

Another exciting development was the purchase of my sweeeeet touring bike. About a month ago my Dad and I went to T.O. for the weekend to check out the international bicycle convention. It was humongous! As well, it housed many different touring bikes, which was a treat because this style of bike is difficult to come by. By the end of the weekend, I was the proud owner of a 2007 Devinci Caribou C2 (photo is of 2006 model).

Hey, so what is a touring bike? Well, it's a lot like a road bike, but purposely heavier so that it has more of a presence while on the road. They have features enabling them to hold front and rear racks that hold panniers or saddlebags. The geometry of the frame is more relaxed so it's a more comfortable ride, important for logging many hours. The rims are usually a lot more solid so they can handle the weight of 70-100 lbs from the panniers. Touring bikes are very functional and are designed for long-term use; often used as commuting bikes in the off-season. There are other smaller differences, but mainly of personal preference.

So, lately I've been undergoing the wonderfully exciting task of equipping my new ride. You know, bike computer, lights, racks, fenders, helmet, bike gloves and shoes, etc. The kind folks down at Northern Sports (the only serious bike shop here) are starting to know me by name and word has caught on of my plans. When I have everything in order, I will be sure to post my equipment list.

As my list of "Items to be Purchased" becomes shorter and shorter, I feel a HUGE THANK YOU to my buddy Kevin Reinhardt is in order. He passed on to me the wisdom he gained from a similar trip last summer and for that, I'm grateful. Thanks duder. (Days till departure: 43)