Saturday, October 14, 2006

Introduction to Phil's TransCanadian Bicycle Tour

Hi my name is Phil. On May 12th, 2007 I will begin on my TransCanada bicycle tour from Victoria, BC to St. John's, NF. As it stands, the route consists of, well... as much as 10,000 kms and as little as 5,000 kms. We'll see how things go once I'm on the road. Basically, I want to visit all of the provinces and many of my family and friends in Canada. The point of the tour is to do something remarkable and completely independently, hence I'm going solo. It combines the three C's that derive great pleasure in my life: Camping, Cycling and Canada. I plan to take as long as four months to do all of them and I will be documenting my plans and adventure as they arise. Thanks for reading! (Days till departure: 210)